I/O Expansion with MDR68 Panels

Many telecomunications equipment designs are constrained by Panel space for the I/O options required by customers in a global market. AC&E’s MDR68 connected Balun and Breakout Panels provide I/O expansion options via a common 68pin connection. Custom panels can be created in a few weeks with an application specific I/O mix.

Simple SMB Connections

Our new SMB Mini Baluns have proven popular for connecting E1 transmissions to coaxial connectors. These devices have an impedance matching balun integrated into the SMB connector allowing the use of smaller and lower cost twisted pair cables. They also are chosen for their small size and because they are easily installed on site as there is no soldering or special…

Water Proof Ethernet Connections

Industrial wired Ethernet applications require rugged connections. Binder Connectors 825 Series and 876 Series metal-shell, water proof connectors stand up to the task. IP65 rated, 10 Gigabit transmission and  Cat 6A connectivity to delight the system designer along with ease of use for the user. Contact us for samples …… For more information, click here. Download the M12-D Connectors data sheet here.

32 Port Balun Panels in 1RU

AC&E’s latest Balun Panels increase circuit density while retaining “finger” access to individual coaxial connectors. These panels pack 32 E1 ports into 1RU and are available with 3 different twisted pair interfaces. 64x Coax to 32x RJ45 64x Coax to 64pairs IDC 64x Coax to MDR68