Alarm Power Distribution Panel (APDP)

Alarm Power Distribution Panel (APDP)

Alarm Power Distribution Panel for ETA 3600 CB's

Feeds Feed Current CB's Description Model
Dual 2x48A 16 Telstra Type 92 / SI 353358 APDP007
Dual 2x48A 16 APDP007 + Isolated Alarms APDP009


  • Protected supply of power to Sub-Racks in two separate Feed Circuits of 8 (eg. total 2 x 8 x 6A), both
    48Volt and 24Volt version (positive ground). Max. of 48A per feed circuit.
  • Monitors status of individual Feed Circuits.
  • Collection of other Alarms Circuits within Rack for Exchange Alarm Scheme & Alarm
  • Fits Type 92, Type 84 and 19″ Instrumentation Rack Standard
  • Selectable circuit feeds from 0Amp to 10Amp (special circumstances 16A feeds)
  • Monitor alarms for under voltage or over voltage feed (nominally 20% range)
  • Heavy duty components adopted for extended life and high reliability
  • Height 125mm
  • Pluggable Circuit Breakers: ETA from 50 milli-Amps to 16 Amp


  • Two electrically isolated feed circuits are available (for dual source feeding – power redundancy).
  • Monitoring of voltage status on both power feeds.
  • Collection and distribution of individual feed circuit alarm status connection.
  • Protection for individual sub-rack equipment by Circuit Breakers (pairing for dual power feeds can be
    arranged). Eight + Eight Circuit Breakers maximum.
  • Electro-Magnetic Compatibility compliant.
  • Front access for all power inputs and alarm wiring with improved cable management.


  • Network provider Type Rack Power Feeds and Alarm Systems
  • Broadband Radio Systems and MUX equipment etc
  • Monitored Exchange Rack feeds to sub-rack equipment
  • Integration of Alarms for central management systems
  • Rack Exchange Alarm Systems. Collection and Display