Integrated Power Distribution Unit (IPDU)

Integrated Power Distribution Unit (IPDU)

Integrated Power Distribution Unit (IPDU) Circuit Breaker Models

Feed Feed
CBsDescription Model
Dual2x 63
2x 125
2x 250
14EWS Enabled
Compatible with
dinrail Multi9 MCBs
Dual 2x 63 16 12x MCB's
factory loaded
Dual 2x 120 16 LED indicators and
Feed Alarms
Dual 2x 200 16 LED indicators and
Feed Alarms
Single 1x 120 1818x MCB's
factory loaded

Integrated Power Distribution Unit (IPDU) Fuse Models

FeedFeed Current(A)Fuses DescriptionModel
Dual2x 12524EWS Enabled
2x 12 Shurter fuses
up to 10A each

AC&E offers a wide range of -48VDC PDUs which caters for numerous design requirements and budgets.

Feed Current Single or dual feed for redundancy, 64A, 125A or 250A
     Load Protection      Densely populated circuit breakers or fuses from multiple vendors
Sensors Voltage, current, temperature, humidity and digital inputs
Monitoring Sensor data can be checked from the display on the front, or access securely via SNMP or web
Alarms Alarms can be programmed to control LEDS, relays, email or SNMP traps
Expansion Sensors can be expanded via daisy chain using standard ethernet cables

AC&E provides flexibility by allowing the following configuration options for its IPDUs:

  • 19” or 21” (ETSI) rack mounting
  • -48V or -24V
  • Single or dual feed
  • Circuit breakers or fuses
  • Up to 250A per feed
  • Manufacturer loaded or BYO circuit breaker
  • Secure web server with HTTPS, SNMP and SMTP
  • Daisy chaining of multiple devices