The SNMP MIB for the IPDU may be downloaded below.

MIB Updates

To facilitate new IPDU peripherals, the MIB has been restructured between version 2.0 and 2.1.

We recommend updating to the latest possible firmware to take advantage of new functionality and bugfixes.

EWS Firmware 2.0.x is still actively supported.

Download SNMP MIB

Model Version Recommended Download
EWS Plus (EWS2) 1.0.27 or later Download mib_ews_v2.6 (08/12/23)
EWS Plus (EWS2) 1.0.1-1.0.26 Download mib_ews_v2.4 (28/05/21)
EWS 2.1.x Download mib_ews_v2.4 (28/05/21)
EWS 2.0.x Download mib_ews_v2.0 (29/11/19)

Revision History

Download mib_ews_v2.5 (08/07/22)

Download mib_ews_v2.4 (28/05/21)

Download mib_ews_v2.3 (06/05/21)

Download mib_ews_v2.2 (04/11/20)

Download mib_ews_v2.1 (06/04/20)

Download mib_ews_v2.1 (06/04/20)

Download mib_ews_v2.0 (29/11/19)