B04052070 Mini Balun - HDC43(M) DDF Plug, Blue Snap Ring to IDC, 0.5-0.65 wire size, 2-34Mbit/s, 75/120Ω

AC&E MB HDC43(M) Blue Ring

Mini Balun HDC43 Male DDF Plug, Blue Snap Ring to suit 0.5-0.65mm STP/UTP 75/120Ω 2-34 Mbit/s

The B04052070 Mini Balun connects a twisted pair cable to a HDC43 coaxial connector.  This allows the use of smaller lower cost twisted twisted pair cables and consequently saves installation time, space and cost.

The internal Balun matches the characteristic impedance of the 75Ω coaxial connection to the 120Ω twisted pair cable thus minimising losses. It is fully shielded and designed to connect 2-34 Mbit/s (E1/E2/E3) data streams while exceeding the ITU’s G.703 transmission standard.

The B04052070 features AC&E’s IDC termination which does not require special tools. For details on the Mini Balun termination procedure click here.

It is one member of a family of Mini Baluns that extends to all coaxial connector types found in network use.

Mini Baluns are ideal in applications where size and space are limited.

B04052070 Mini Balun Line Drawing

B04052070 Mini Balun details:-

Connector: HDC43 to BS 9210 F0022

Matching Impedance: 75 ohm unbalanced coaxial to 120 ohm balanced twisted pair

Bit Rates: 2Mbit/s, 8Mbit/s and 34Mbit/s as ITU-T Recommendation G.703 Line Code

Return Loss: 2Mbit/s, 8Mbit/s and 34Mbit/s as per G.703 requirements

Insertion Loss: <0.9dB from 51kHz to 51.55MHz

Cross Talk: >60dB from 51kHz to 51.55MHz between 2 baluns mounted 15mm apart

Pulse Shape: 2Mbit/s, 8Mbit/s and 34Mbit/s as per G.703

Signal Levels: 2.37V nominal peak voltage for 2Mbit/s and 8Mbit/s at the coaxial end 1V nominal peak voltage for 34Mbit/s at the coaxial end as per G.703

Isolation Voltage: 250VDC for 1 minute between windings

Pulse Test: 3kV as per ITU-T, K.17

EMC: CISPR 22 Class A for radiated emissions