Mini Baluns

Mini Baluns

Mini Balun 2-8Mbit Order Codes

Order Codes
0.25-0.40 wire
Order Codes
0.50-0.65 wire
B13019065B13019060BNC(F), bulkhead mount
B13001065B130010601.6/5.6(M), snap on
B13002065B130020601.6/5.6(M), screw on
B13003065B13003060 1.6/5.6(F), bulkhead mount
B13045065B130450601.6/5.6(F), bulkhead, r/a
B13043075B130430701.0/2.3(M), posi-lock
B13044075 B130440701.0/2.3(F), bulkhead mount
B13053065B130530601.0/2.3(M) posi-lock r/a
B13046065B13046060BT43(F), posi-lock
B13048065B13048060BT43(M), fixed mounting
B13049065B13049060BT43(M) DDF plug, white ring
B13052075B13052070HDC43(M) DDF plug, blue ring
B13078075B13078070SMB(F), snap
B13083075B13083070SMB(M), bulkhead mount

Mini Balun 2-34Mbit Order Codes

Order Codes
0.25-0.40 wire
Order Codes
0.5-0.65 wire
B04008065 B04008060 BNC(M)
B04019065 B04019060 BNC(F), bulkhead mount
B04001065 B04001060 1.6/5.6(M), snap on
B04002065 B04002060 1.6/5.6(M), screw on
B04003065 B04003060 1.6/5.6(F), bulkhead mount
B04045065B04045060 1.6/5.6(F), bulkhead, r/a
B04043075 B04043070 1.0/2.3(M), posi-lock
B04044075 B04044070 1.0/2.3(F), bulkhead mount
B04053065 B04053060 1.0/2.3(M) posi-lock r/a
B04046065 B04046060 BT43(F), posi-lock
B04048065B04048060 BT43(M), fixed mounting
B04049065 B04049060 BT43(M) DDF plug, white ring
B04052075 B04052070 HDC43(M) DDF plug, blue ring
B04078075B04078070 SMB(F), snap
B04083075 B04083070 SMB(M), bulkhead mount

Mini Baluns provide a fully shielded connection of  twisted pair cables to coaxial connectors in Telecom digital networks. This allows the use of smaller lower cost twisted twisted pair cables that consequently saves installation time, space and cost.

Created for the world’s largest Telecom OEM and utilised around the world because of their ease of use and savings.

Built to exceed the ITU’s G.703 transmission standard the Mini Balun is low loss, fully shielded, EMC, EMI and RoHS compliant.

In addition to reducing space and cost Mini Baluns provide a single connectivity solution for the myriad of coaxial connectors in a network. They consist of three parts and are simply terminated without the use of special tools.

Produced in two speed ranges 2-8MBit/s and 2-34MBit/s that allow the user to select the optimum performance for the target application.

Mini Baluns provide:-

  • shielded twisted pair cable  connection to coax connectors
  • BNC, 1.6/5.6, 1.0/2.3, BT43, SMB coaxial interfaces in M and F versions
  • connections to conductors from 0.25 to 0.65mm (22 to 30AWG)
  • cable and panel mounting options
  • small size (typically 35-45 mm long)
  • contact us for special or types not listed on this website

Fast and easy to use because:-

  • only three parts to assemble (connector, stuffer cap and tube)
  • no small pins or washers
  • no special tooling, no soldering, no heat shrink and no crimpers
  • every Mini Balun part has the same terminating procedure
  • faster to assemble than coax

B04008060 Mini Balun Line Drawing

Mini Balun Family