B13002010 Standard Balun - 1.6/5.6(M) to Krone IDC, 2-8Mbit/s, 75/120Ω

ACE Website B13002010 v2

The B13002010 Standard Balun connects a twisted pair cable via a 3 pole Krone Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) to a 1.6/5.6(M) coaxial connector. The internal Balun matches the  impedance of the 75Ω coaxial connection to the 120Ω twisted pair cable to minimize losses. It is designed to connect 2-8 Mbit/s (E1/E2) data streams.

Twisted pair cables with conductor diameters from 0.4 to 0.65mm are easily terminated with a standard Krone tool. The resulting installation gives the user a faster, smaller and lower cost connectivity solution.

  • 1.6/5.6(M) screw attach coaxial connector to 3 pole Krone IDC
  • 75/120Ω impedance transformation
  • twisted pair wire sizes 0.4 to 0.65mm
  • 2-8MBit/s transmission rate. Exceeds G.703 requirements.
  • low return (<33dB) and insertion (<0.16dB) losses for E1 data
  • Gold plated pin and connector body


B13002010 Standard Balun details:-

Connector: 1.6/5.6 to IEC 169-13

Matching Impedance: 75 ohm unbalanced coaxial to 120 ohm balanced twisted pair

Bit Rates: 2Mbit/s, 8Mbit/s as ITU-T Recommendation G.703 Line Code

Return Loss: >25dB 51-3072kHz

Insertion Loss: <0.3dB from 51kHz to -12.7MHz

Cross Talk: >80dB from 51kHz to 12.7MHz between 2 baluns mounted 15mm apart

Pulse Shape: 2Mbit/s, 8Mbit/s as per G.703

Signal Levels: 2.37V nominal peak voltage for 2Mbit/s and 8Mbit/s at the coaxial end as per G.703

Isolation Voltage: 250VDC for 1 minute bet