Standard Baluns

Standard Baluns

Standard Balun, Coax to Krone IDC, 2-8Mbit/s, 75/120Ω

Order Codes Description
B13019010BNC(F), bulkhead mounting
B130020101.6/5.6(M), screw on
B130030101.6/5.6(F), bulkhead mounting

Standard Balun, Coax to Krone IDC, 2-45Mbit/s, 75/120Ω

Order CodesDescription
B04009010LBNC(F), no mounting
B04019010LBNC(F), bulkhead mounting
B04028010LBNC(M) r/a
B04001010L1.6/5.6(M), snap on
B04002010L1.6/5.6(M), screw on
B04003010L1.6/5.6(F), bulkhead mounting
B04025010L 1.6/5.6(M), snap, r/a
B04043010L1.0/2.3(M), posi-lock
B04044010L1.0/2.3(F), bulkhead mounting
B04046010LBT43(F), posi-lock
B04048010L BT43(M), fixed mounting
B04049010LBT43(M), DDF plug, white snap ring
B04052010LHDC43(M), DDF plug, blue snap ring
B04078010LSMB(F), snap on
B04083010LSMB(M), bulkhead mount

AC&E Standard Baluns are designed to connect twisted pair transmission lines to the coaxial connectors found in Telecom Networks. The Balun matches the impedance of the 120Ω twisted pair cable to the 75Ω coaxial connection to eliminate losses.

AC&E’s Standard Baluns feature a 3 pole Krone IDC termination on the 120Ω twisted pair side for its popularity and proven performance. We have a wide range of coaxial interfaces, available in both genders, a variety of coaxial mounting options as well as some right angle types for tight spaces.

  • Connect twisted pair cables to Coaxial Connectors
  • 120Ω / 75Ω impedance matching
  • BNC, 1.6/5.6, 1.0/2.3, BT43 and SMB coaxial interfaces
  • Krone IDC twisted pair connection

Twisted pair cables with conductor diameters from 0.4 to 0.65mm are easily terminated with a standard Krone tool. The resulting installation gives the user a faster, smaller and lower cost connectivity solution.

Produced is two speed ranges 2-8MBit/s and 2-45MBit/s allowing the user to select the optimum performance for the application

Standard Balun, Coax to Krone IDC, 2-8Mbit/s, 75/120Ω

  • ideal for 2-8Mbit/s (E1/E2) transmissions
  • > 33dB return loss 0.3 to 3MHz
  • < 0.16dB E1 insertion loss
  • > 80dB cross talk, 20mm apart

Standard Balun, Coax to Krone IDC, 2-45MBit/s, 75/120Ω

  • ideal for 2-45Mbit/s transmissions
  • > 15dB return loss 1 to 70MHz
  • < 0.9dB insertion loss, 1-70MHz
  • > 60dB cross talk, 20mm apart, 1-70MHz