IPDU Firmware


IPDU firmware may be downloaded from below. It may be applied by using the Embedded Web Server (EWS) or the IPDU Configuration Tool. The firmware file must be unzipped before use.

We recommend updating to the latest possible firmware to take advantage of new functionality and bugfixes.

Update Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later
  • When applying updates, desktop browser versions of Chrome or Firefox or the IPDU Config Tool are recommended
  • Both feeds must be powered for updates to be applied

Download IPDU Firmware

EWS Firmware Version  Download Firmware
2.1.13 Download v2.1.13 (18/08/23) (change log)
2.1.11 Download v2.1.11 (23/08/22) (change log)
2.1.7 Download v2.1.7 (27/04/21) (change log)
2.1.5 Download v2.1.5 (31/08/20) (change log)
2.1.1 Download v2.1.1 (12/06/20) (change log)