BNC T Pieces

Description Order Code
BNC(m-f-f) “f” end monitor ZZdB A01TA088-ZZ
BNC(m-f-f) “f” centre monitor ZZdB A01TA102-ZZ
BNC(f-m-f) “f” end monitor ZZdB A01TA088-ZZ

1.6/5.6 T pieces

DescriptionOrder Code
1.6/.5.6(m-f-f) “f” end monitor ZZdB A11TB076-ZZ
1.6/5.6(m-f-f) “f” end monitor ZZdB A11TB074-ZZ
1.6/5.6(f-m-f) “f” end monitor ZZdB A11TB062-ZZ

BT43 T Pieces

DescriptionOrder Code
HDC43(f-m-m) “f” end monitor ZZdB A21TB086-ZZ
HDC43(f-m-m) “f” centre monitor ZZdB A21TB103-ZZ
HDC43(m-f-m) “f” end monitor ZZdB A21TB087-ZZ

T-Pieces are used to monitor live G.703 circuits for billing, signal level testing and load balancing. They pass the circuit to be monitored un-attenuated via two ports with the third port providing access for monitoring the passing traffic. The signal level on the monitor port may also be un-attenuated but is often attenuated by 20 to 30dB to provide isolation between the passing signal and the test point.
T-Pieces may be located at any desired connection point in the signal path.
AC&E T-Pieces are available with BNC, 1.6/5.6, BT43, 1.0/2.3 and SMB coaxial connectors.