Coax to MDR68

Coax to MDR68

Balun Panel, 1U 19", Coax to MDR68, 2-8Mbit/s, 75/120Ω

Coax16x E1 Ports
Single Sided
16x E1 Ports
Double Sided
32x E1 Ports
Double Sided

AC&E’s Coax to MDR68 Balun Panels provide a connection point for individual E1 coaxial circuits and the concentration of 16 such circuits into one 68 pin connector. Fully shielded 75/120Ω impedance matching baluns couple the Coaxial interface to the twisted pair MDR68 connector. This Panel provides an easy to use interface for the coaxial network and an efficient mass coupling to the associated equipment.

Coax to MDR68 Balun Panels are 1RU, 19″ rack mounting panels and come in three configurations:-

  • 16x E1 Circuits, 32x Coax – 1x MDR68, Single Sided Panel
  • 16x E1 Circuits, 32x Coax – 1x MDR68, Double Sided Panel
  • 32x E1 Circuits, 64x Coax – 2x MDR68, Double Sided Panel

These panels may also be mounted in ETSI and 23″ rack sizes by means of alternative mounting brackets.

AC&E’s Coax to MDR68 Balun Panels provide:

  • Coax to twisted pair conversion
  • BNC, 1.6/5.6, 1.0/2.3, BT43 or SMB coaxial interfaces
  • MDR68 68pin /16 E1 equipment interface
  • 1RU Panel for 19″ Rack mounting and optionally ETSI and 23″